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Month: April, 2013

URBAN NATURE: DIARY ENTRIES Part of Bees & Nature and London Lit Festival May 27th 2013

Esther Woolfson and Tom Chivers explore the myriad ways the union of nature and the cityscape can be reflected in literary form.

Esther Woolfson is the author of Field Notes from a Hidden City – An Urban Nature Diary. This is an inspirational record of a year spent observing the ways in which man and creature live together in the urban context.

Tom Chivers is a poet, editor and arts producer who is currently leading a series of ‘urban pilgrimages’ through the streets of London for the climate change organisation Cape Farewell.

Level 5 Function Room at Royal Festival Hall


Spring Journal – Field Notes by Esther Woolfson

Esther celebrates the signs of spring in the first of her guest blog posts for Friends of the Earth.

Inverness Book Festival 6th August 2013


One Touch Theatre 20:30pm

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