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Month: March, 2013

Esther’s blog entry for the National Trust’s Natural Childhood initiative



Everyday experiences of nature matter for children

It’s the everyday encounters with nature and especially birds that can shine a light on the wonder of wildlife, writes Esther Woolfson.

Last Friday afternoon, I was walking down Aberdeen’s Union Street. I looked up as I passed one particular shop, as I always do. I like to see how the pigeons who have lived for many years above the dilapidated shop sign, are faring. Instead of noting the usual nesting or feeding activity, there was only an anxious bird flapping against the newly installed barrier of chicken wire preventing it from entering its ancestral home…..

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The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival 20th March 2013

Field Notes from a Hidden City: An Urban Nature Diary

12:00pm | Wednesday 20 March 2013

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The Herald – Esther on the wonders of urban wildlife

Saturday 23rd February 2013


Mark Smith, Feature writer


Look out of the window and under the floorboards and behind the furniture. Look up at the trees, and down the streets and in the lanes and alleys. Can you see it? The life that shares our towns and cities. The rats and the mice; the magpies, the pigeons and the gulls; the slugs, the spiders, the starlings and the squirrels. Will you call up the pest controller? Will you put up the nets or put down the traps?


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Esther on BBC Radio 4’s Midweek


Lively and diverse conversation as Libby Purves meets tenor Toby Spence, photographer Sonia Audhali, journalist and academic Andrew Solomon and writer Esther Woolfson

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